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Now listen me

Among thousands of scam websites and spammers It’s very difficult to find the best place to invest your money. Super investors whose have years of experiences also can be cheated in this field.  Therefore, investing on a legal and trusted place is very important. Banana fund project is a place like that.


Here’s my points.

There is a Trusted admin

Richard Matthew John O’Neill (Jo Cook) is an experienced and trusted Internet marketer. Has an amazing brain. His projects like MTV, P Verts, came with a unique plans. And Still running.

Unique concept


If an entrepreneur has a business idea, its just not enough to start the business. He must has a good financial strength, a group, a place not only for accounting, legal affairs and lot of things. Banana fund will provide these all environments for him. He will only have to show his idea. Banana fund makes a platform for everything that required to his business automatically.

Then how to earn money?


Investors like us can invest our money to banana fund and be valued partners. Banana fund open 50% of shares to investors. So actually we buy shares. After opening the Marketplace, next day we can earn capital gains by selling our shares.

Works with Bitcoin

Crypto-currencies are the key of future digital market.

Yeah, a lot of people are still unaware of the financial future of cryptocurrencies. The best thing you can do for your tomorrow is investing for BitCoin and other Crypto-Currencies.

Next point is, Low risks

All cases of investing and business projects have a potential to be scam. But we do not work to be failed. Today number of investors are creating and funding new banana fund accounts.

Finally, This is an invitation for you to walk with future millionaires group from Malinda LK.

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I suggest that you use only cash can be put on a risk for this business and investment programs. If you have not, please forget this article. There is always a risk in Internet business. You can lose total of your investment or a part of it.