Updated on 2017.03.12 – I stopped promoting TTI. Platform has so many problems and issues about withdrawals. Admin still trying to pay members manually. I recommend Adscrypto for new members.

Since the start I have watched that TTI still growing and paying. They launched on September of 2016. Therefore, it’s the time to review TTI professionally.

First let’s look at the official website at www.thetrafficincome.com
As a revenue sharing website TTI has a common look. Showing their offers, ads pack plans and features in the home page.

Who is the owner?

Sundaram Kumar, lives in India is an affiliate marketer and TTI is his first revenue sharing program. He has no bad past records about owning business programs. And no good news too. When I visited his Facebook profile, I see that good signs. It is a real name and real profile. As a rev share owner, Sundaram Kumar is an honest guy. He is sharing his real info about and updating the business info time to time.

TTI has an active official Facebook group connected to this rev share. There are number of active users sharing and updating their payment proof screen shots. If you have a question about TTI, ask them. You will have an answer within few minutes. It is another good sign about TTI.

Offering Ads pack plans and options


As you see TTI has 6 various ads pack plans from $1 to $40. Profit percentage vary from 115% to 120%. And It is a key to understand the stability of a revenue sharing program. If a revenue sharing program gives you a high profit percent from an ad pack such as 200% or up, this program could be a scam one. Or will fall ASAP. In the history a long stable rev share programs like my paying ads, only gave up to 120% for an ad pack. Each ad packs has a maximum limit except 6th one. Another thing is, as a stable rev share TTI ad packs have repurchase plans. Your earnings of last 4 ad plans covered by a repurchase amount deferred according to the plan.

Payment proofs


Yes, TTI still making withdrawals. Minimum is $5 and $150 Max Cash Out 7 days a week. You can see daily withdrawing updates from the website and payment proofs from the official Facebook group. Payment processors are Payza, Payeer, SolidTrusPay, Perfect money, and Bitcoin.

My earning strategy

Here’s tips to reduce the risk.

  • First, the use of a substantial amount.
  • Do not miss to Surf ads for each 24hr.
  • 100% Repurchase of ads packs for 60 days.
  • Withdraw the Seed Capital.
  • When you are in 100% risk free, then let your profits grow, and withdraw your earnings daily.

Wanna more tips and tricks?

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Thank you.


I suggest that you use only cash can be put on a risk for this business and investment programs. If you have not, please forget this article. There is always a risk in Internet business. You can lose total of your investment or a part of it.