Welcome to my top to bottom survey and legit investigation of My-Paying-Crypto-Ads. In this blog article you will locate a point by point clarification of what My Paying Crypto Ads is and what It is being to. This website launched on 10 November 2016 and now it have reached more than 50000 of total happy members. In the internet marketing talks, we call this MPCA.

Let’s see around the website.


Go to the website and Sign up free account.


Why I recommend this program? There are several things.

Professional site design and script

Often, the quality and life of a revenue sharing program depend on the Site script too. the most common revshare Script is in the present is ProxScript. highest quality ProxScript sites are only MPA and the MPCA.

Site Owner

Uday Nara

The same person behind My Paying Ads. Founder is a former researcher in Singapore National University. He even has a doctorate in electrical engineering too. His name is Nalam Satyanarayana But Internet marketer’s reputation called him Uday Nara. MPA was his first revshare program.

Use of Bitcoin

MPCA is the first income sharing program that developed to works only with crypto-currencies. Not with all crypto-currencies. Only with Bitcoins. If you still don’t know about bitcoin please google it. I can’t waste my valuable time to explain about bitcoin again and again. Bitcoin has many advantages, no or low transaction fees. The value of the bitcoin compared to USD is rising. when you use bitcoin to purchase and get income, you will really MAKE more money as the bitcoin value increases.

Members unity

MPCA is increasing its number of valued members. So inflow of money is high. People earns as much as they can. There is an active Facebook group for MPCA members.

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Earning Opportunities

MPCA gives you 4 sorts of ad pack plans. You should buy ad packs for get returns. At that point you need to surf 10 ads day by day. only 10. Next you will get a share of revenue from each item that MPCA deals. Income (profit) sharing is done until the individuals get 120% profit on their each adpacks. Yet, you should remember that MPCA can’t and don’t ensure any acquiring or speed of gaining from revenue sharing. It depends on the offers of all services and items that MPCA sales.

In the event you can get commission cash around 6-10%. 6% of referral commissions from your referrals for adpack purchases. Its 100% Withdrawable. also, 10% commissions on the purchases of different services from your referrals.

What’s more? I will pay you back 80% of referral commissions for your each purchases. Is sound great?

There are number of options of the program to ensure its longevity run

KYC (Know Your Customer) will be required for withdrawals in MPCA. That implies you have to present your photograph and address confirmation. After you pull back Double (2x) the sum you funded, your day by day Earnings will be lessened to half.

Commissions are 100% withdrawable and won’t be tallied under 2x or 3x. On the off chance that you repurchase adpacks with your commission balance, that will be considered as fresh deposit and will build your withdrawal restrict once more.

Ad pack plans and Payment proof

MPCA provides 4 types of ad packs plans. You can see the screenshot here.


Every adpack matures at 120% and will take up to 60 days.(Not guaranteed). Ad pack plan 1 has no any membership fees. But last 3 plans have membership fees.

Here’s My latest payment proof screenshot I’ve taken while writing this review.

mpca payment proof.png

Will you lose your money?

With any internet earning opportunity there is a risk included. When I first begin working with another business, I assess the qualities and shortcomings of the business and consider whether it is reliable or not. Then I share my results with you.
Out of over a thousand revenue sharing programs right now working on the internet, I have picked to work with TTI AdsCrypto and MPCA. These are the best revshares available. (MPA, 10adspay, TAT, and FutureadsPro also). TTI has not missed a single paymet since they opened and yet paying. AdsCrypto is a best Bitcoin based revshare launched 11th march 2017(updated).  Read my TTI survey here. All this revshare admins have earned my trust in the field.

Wanna more tips and tricks?

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I suggest that you use only cash can be put on a risk for this business and investment programs. If you have not, please forget this article. There is always a risk in Internet business. You can lose total of your investment or a part of it.