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Today I’m going to talk about a topic that every online marketer hope to learn. How to make “Referrals” as much as you can. Interested? Ah, Where’s the link? Am I talking about a bot?

It’s not a software

If you are looking for a software or a bot that makes direct referrals by pressing a single button; No, I haven’t a thing like that. I’m trying to teach you how to make referrals “manually” and how to keep them with you “forever”. From Now I don’t call them “refs” or “referrals”. I call them Friends.

Don’t be a fool

Do not Drop the link places like a fool. Do not spam. It ruins only your name. People do not believe persons like you. If you need friends, there are only 2 ways.

  1. Show a Dream
  2. Show a Way

How to show a Dream?

It is the most used method. Lazy and Simple. So, how to do it? you promote your link with a small post like,




So, What’s wrong with?

Are they lying to you?

There may have some scammers. But they all are not. Both scammers and Right people use same look posts. This type promoting may have a small bit of visits. But Such visits can not generate leads and not permanent. If you write the post attractively and,there are payment proofs actually visitors come. So why it’s bad? The season is that visits are only one time visits. not permanent connections. That visits come according to the post content. Not because of you/Your Name.  Baddest thing is, how many readers may click the link? If your post have 100 readers, 75% of them are ignore it. 25% will click the link and only 10% of them will register under you. (Only If you could build the trust there) You must can build a team that register under you with one and only single link too.

Think, you worked hard and got few traffics. A few guys came. Register too. Then what? You work hard again to promote the next thing. I did not say that types of posts are useless. Post them. Take visitors. And plan something to make such traffics to be permanent. Otherwise you work hard again and again for promote your opportunities.

Build your brand name

2nd method is “Show a way”. You do it by branding yourself. That mean you are being famous in the field. Now, do not swallow saliva. It’s not hard. Show that you know something than others. Teach them what you know without a rest. If somebody sharing his knowledge without looking for something back, they earn the their place and trust in the society. That trust is the KEY. We have to work hard to go there. But once you got the KEY, you needn’t have to start from the beginning again. And with a time your friends base is rise rapidly. I’ll tell how.

How are you going to reveal a way to a friend?

What to do?

The decision is yours. Choose a niche. You can write articles. You will not ban for sharing knowledge anywhere. Post in blogs, forums, social media sites. But your content must have a value. But…

Be yourself

You can’t be Steve jobs, or Mark zuckerberg. I say Don’t. Be yourself. I’m still making my own path. I know how to walk along well. I’ll teach you how to write articles. I’ll show how to make videos if you don’t know. So many free and easy methods are there. Choose one side and go forward. Have lot of things to say. Rest of my guide to make friends flow under following sub topics.

  1. How to make an article or video clip that attract people? (If you write an article, you must know few attracting tips and tricks such as emotional headline making, copy writing, etc)
  2. How to catch visits? How to make them trusty? (When somebody  do not trust us, He do not invest his money)
  3. How to make this visits durable? (Our efforts are useless If they are going back. We must keep them forever)

We all generate our free traffic by using a YouTube channel, a blog, a forum article or like that.

Is it the best you can do?

Do you know about building of an email list? For online marketers that email list is the mail weapon. If you start work as an online marketer today you must start to build your email list today. Mail list is the biggest card I recommend to make friends and keep trust forever. And its not easy to build a list. Common method is collect emails by using a Landing page. If you have a blog or website, use a pop up window with right call-to-actions. Do you have money? Then It’s simple. You can by an email list. But I’m poor. No money. So I use free traffic generation and email list building methods.

Facebook, Use it

Social media, commonly Facebook is a valuable free traffic source. We all use? But do you use your actual/real Facebook account for online marketing purposes? Lot of people open fake accounts, use sexy girl’s photos for the profile picture and then share links everywhere. Very Uncomfortable. It’s not the right way. Market your real profile, Or make a same one. Then tell your friends what are you doing online and start build your brand name. It would not much difficult like you think. The only thing that you need to do inside the account, only share your knowledge. If you are doing something valuable, friend requests will flow over you.

Go outside

Do not hide that you are earning money through the Internet for your friends, relations, and neighbors. You do not talk about internet money or online marketing things about your neighbors. do you? A lot of people are scared that they’ll be a joke. But It’s really important. tell them wait around out there, who are you and what are you doing online. Take your brand out of the Laptop and show them. Tell your ex that you know how to make money online. She will tell her current crush about and he/ his friends will contact you. And they are ready to Invest. why? Because you are a real guy. So You know about offline promoting. But here you have to be careful. They’re, uh, not enough to believe in you. You want to be able to trust them too. You are inviting them for a risky place. So explain the risk they have to bear before all.

I have to tell you more. But It’s hard to write continue. Although in this article series I am referring easy, free or low cost steps you can do. But you may have some questions. I’ll resolve them If you guys want to go with me.


A moment after start something you will feel It’s lazy. That’s why I’m trying to teach this little by little. If you are willing to know more secrets and tips what I do not post in my blogs, please subscribe to my email list here.

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