I’m trying to tell you based on my experiences, how I write an Article that leads the attention of visitors. So learn how to write an article which someone else to read continued. If you need to keep a reader with you, you must be familiar or need to give him something important and valuable. You can drive traffic to your blog article from Facebook, Google, Forums, etc.. Amount of traffic is not a matter. The only thing is how to imprison that visitor within your article.

  • If you are working with Adsense, You need enough page Impressions, clicks and reduce the bounce rate.
  • If you are running an Amazon Affiliate website, You must have ability to catch your buyer persona’s confidence.
  • Online marketers need to make of trust on someone to register under referral links.

Anybody can make a website with nice themes, backgrounds, paid SEO and Backlinks. But such things cannot perform “the value” that’s done by well developed article with the correctly prepared title and content.

If you need to write
An article that well planned, targeted,
Professional and long lived,
Please Carefully read this article


The First two things important to the article are featured image and the Headline. Which one will catch the first look when you see an article? In a blog post the first thing catches your eye is the featured image. Of a Forum thread, it’s the title, right? I’ve written about featured images below. Now we see some examples for a better headline.

“How to identify Scam Revshare Programs?”

“05 simple and introducing weight loss treatments”

There are three important things when talking about a title. One is the niche. Or we can call it “Targeted Field”. It is a one simple word or two that ability to feel an idea about the whole article. That single word can say For what and to whom the article has written. You must target your audience with the title. In this example, Title has targeted people who need loss their weight. The niche “weight loss” is a sub niche of “Health”. If you can use your niche as the “Keyword”, It guides more eyes into your content.

Power Words

When you see such words, “simple” and “introducing” what else happened? These are powerful words. A lot of people looking for simple, easy and new ways to lose their fat belly without hard work. Power word makes the audience feel, inspire something they want.

Use a question as a title

“How to reduce 01 kg body weight per day?”

Amazing. Huh? If you are fat or not you will go there to see how to do it. Because it is an amazing question. People like to interfere in questions. They have an unquenchable curiosity to find the answer for others.

You can tell a lie that way as a question.

“Donald Trump has blood on his hands?”

I saw this topic on Facebook. It’s Simple one widely used method for titles on Gossip sites. The actual reason is totally different to the title said. But It has adjusted nicely and catch our eyes.

Use Numbers than words if you can for titles as above examples. “05 treatments” and “01 kg per day”; numbers catch the human eye instantly than words.

Length of the title

Do not write a headline like a snake. It’s good the headline keep as short as possible and simple. But It must able to clear the entire content. Create a number of different headlines by changing niche, Targeted Keywords, Power words and analyze all one by one. Use this headline analyzer from coshedule. Then you will receive a valuable headline.

There’s a way to write the content.

Plan it

No matter how well you as a writer, you may be a fast writer. The article may have thousands of words. But It must be well planned. Identify your niche. Then recognize your audience. Think how to motivate them. A good content can stimulate readers all of the time while they’re reading the article. Simply let them feel that the article included things what they’re looking for. Otherwise, they‘ll turn back. That’s why the article must be planned well prior to publishing.

First, tell your visitors about what these articles have written and to whom it is important.
Then write your things, advantages and disadvantages etc. in the content body correctly and attractively.
Finally, discuss what they have received from the article.

These are the common steps when you’re planning an article as simple as possible. But These can be changed according to the content of your article.

So, What do I write?

I’ll show three ways to write an eye catching article.

  1. Write something new.
  2. Write things what we already know in a new way.
  3. Tell a story

Write something new

It’s the easy and efficient way to get your targeted audience. You must able to introduce new knowledge related to your engaged field. Do you know something new and worth? People who love to learn it and will follow you.

Write things what we already know in a new style

What’s that? There may some people who already know what you are going to say. But you can write it in an innovative style. Now I’m writing an article about “how to write an eye-catching article”. I’m sure that there are guys who already know how to write an article than me. But Nobody can write like me, copy my style. That’s the secret. Content may old. But writing style is new and attractive. Will you miss a good film or a TV series that have made based on a story you already know? nah? You’ll watch it. The reason is the innovation.
Do you want to promote a new business review? But somebody has published a post already? It’s not a matter. Write your post in your style. Do not copy and make it a sign of your brand.

Tell a story

Everybody are following someone right in their life time. people likes to succeed by following a life story of a successful person like Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett. They love to listen successful stories. So, tell your own story about how you succeed on online marketing. Do not tell lies. Where you started, what are the barriers you’ve faced, and milestones. Finally, your winning / landing place. Here, people trust you and ready to follow. It is a chemical phenomenon that happen in their brains and only act for few minutes. So, do it quickly. Offer them anything what you have.

Show examples

If you write articles about online marketing and how to earn, show your own examples. Today, people’s becoming rich with knowledge of online marketing and strategies. So, they can’t be cheated easily. If you really want to do this, show them your payment proofs. Remember to apply a watermark on your proofs.

Hold on the curiosity

Of course, this is an important thing I want to say. You cannot hold a curiosity like in tele-dramas or films. You can’t tell your readers to come next week to read the next part of your article. They’ll not come back. Curiosity is a big weapon for an article writer. So We hold it in another way. Hint your readers that they will have something new or valuable in this article. Confuse them with such words.

“I’ll tell you a secret”

“There’s a new method to do it easily”

If you can be creative, more words will come in your mouth.

Featured Image and photos

A lot of writers know the value of photos available in their articles. Photos catch your eye quickly than anything you can see on the page. Viewing of photos is easier to brain than reading articles. That’s why your eyes go to the featured image prior to the writing. The featured image represents the content of the whole article. So, do not use low quality images or screenshots.Select an image that low weight, quick loading, and text content are less than 30% of the featured image. And pay your attention about copyrights if it’s not your own. You can find free CC0 licensed stock images from pixabay.com. Do not show anyone’s identity publicly if you are using screenshots for your articles.

Always be truthful

Be honest. You can change the game by writing some fraudulent things. But it’s very harmful to your “professional” Internet Marketing future. Think that you’re going to promote this new revenue sharing business. You are writing a super duper review or making a video podcast for it. But you must write weaknesses, shortcomings and even risks without hiding. It’s important than your referral commission.

Invite to join with your team

How many visitors are there? If you have given something valuable from the article, they will be pleased to continue with you. So, make the facility by Inviting them to join with your email list. Keep them together. This is a Win-Win game. You have more followers and they have a well educated sponsor.

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Thank you.