What Is your Payment Processor?

Many of online business programs accept Payza, Payeer, PM, and STP as payment processors. But today BTC is the best and most used e-currency for online transactions. MPCA and AdsCrypto used only BTC as their currency indicator. But other programs use the USD as the site currency. So, It’s not a matter what is your payment processor in these programs. Payza, or BTC. When you buy ad packs, your transactions are shown in USD.

Past days, BTC went very high and today It’s down a bit. But not much. As a result, what happened to your profit when you deposited when BTC value is high, and withdraw the value is low?

When BTC rate is high

4th January of this year BTC rate was 1066 USD. After a month, 10th Feb It was 974 USD. (Surce – https://www.oanda.com/fx-for-business/historical-rates) On 4th January, I deposited 1 BTC on XXX revshare platform. It shows on XXX dashboard as 1066 USD (Forget my transactions fees). I purchased for adpacks and surfed daily ads. 10th February I thought to withdraw my seed capital. So, I selected Coinpayments as my payment processor and withdraw 1066 USD I deposited. How much BTC I’ve received? (without transaction fees). As the rate of BTC to USD on 10th Feb, I received 1066/974 = 1.094455 BTC.

how btc loss 1

This was a very rough calculation. I forgot transaction fees and few simple things here. But I think you understand the point. I deposited 1066 USD and withdraw 1066 USD. But actually I deposited 1 BTC and received 1.09BTC without any profit included from the Revshare platform. It looks like a currency trade. Huh?

What happens when you deposit BTC rate is low and withdraw when the rate is high? Your luck turns inside out. On 12th January I deposited 1 BTC on XXX revshare program (1 BTC=783 USD) and I got 783 USD valued adpscks on their dashboard. I withdraw my seed capital 783 USD on 6th March (1 BTC=1261 USD) and I received only 0.6 BTC. I’ve a loss.

how btc loss 2

That’s why I selected as many as programs work on BTC such as MPCA and Adscrypto. You can read my review of MPCA here and Adscrypto review is coming soon. If you are willing to have a long run with Bitcoin revshares, join my team by following referral links.

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