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I’m Malinda.
Lives in Sri lanka.
Highest Education level is HNDT (Agriculture)untitled-1
My current income ways are online investment and business opportunities I engaged in.

Malinda LK is my personal blog. I write here all my experiences and knowledge about self-employment, internet marketing investments and business opportunities that you also can follow, risk you have to bear, places you can be cheated etc. First of all I’ll tell you what the way I came along.

Where did I start?

I studied graphic designing and web designing myself for years, because I wanted to. At the time I didn’t know anything about Internet money. Then after I got my first Internet access. First time when I heard it I did not believe that I can earn money through Internet. It was a magic. Next I tried Some of this methods due to my curiosity. I don’t need to lie. I started it by clicking Ads on PTC websites. It did not take much time to understand that PTC is a method to waste my time. After that I learned about the Fiverr.


I had professional graphic designing skills before I visited Fiverr. I started to earn on Fiverr as a logo designer. Then I was able to make money for the first time online. I thank the Fiverr for this. I had lots of orders and I exactly worked according to Fiverr rules. But one day my Fiverr account was suspended. I could not understand why I got it and I asked Fiverr support team. They said that more than one accounts have created by my computer’s IP address. It was a problem happened because of my internet provider. I proved my fidelity by providing all evidences but finally they told me to start work by making a new account. You must know. Newly started Fiverr accounts can not made sales easily. I did not start it again for a long time. But I studied about Fiverr how to be successful and how to use an account carefully without being banned. My studies were successful. I created number of new Fiverr accounts at once. Got lots of orders and earned like a money making machine until I’ve tired. (I’ll write about that secret techniques and strategies when I’m free) With the time, I was very busy with other internet money making methods. I had not enough time for designings. Therefore, I sold few accounts and deactivated other accounts. Today, I do not active in Fiverr because I know ways to earn money with a less effort.

What are those?  How did I know?  Who helped me?

I learned online ways of investing money for the first time from Laxan dave. My current knowledge and experiences were build step by step with his guidance. Another person is Jay Neymar. He is not currently active in the field. But he have taught me invaluable things. I learned Google AdSense and affiliate marketing methods from Jay Neymar. He was a specialisṭ for it. But it is difficult to make money without working hard. Revshares are my current main income sources. I’ve heard about this revshare programs by Laxan dave. He taught me about revshares A-Z. I started on MPA (MyPayingAds) with my Fiverr money. Happy to say. I was successful with his effective guidance.

I deposited money in lot of revshare programs came after MPA. And earned well. The reasons were I followed a right sponsor and he really was the best. Then I tried to go on the trip alone. I really was successful. I do not waste your time to tell you about it. But I failed once. That was UnicornAds website. At that point, I invested money there but finally It’s lost. It happened due to my ignorance and failure to accurately study the program’s performance. So, I had to go forward through my mistakes.

I can inform you about ways to earn money and their new update if you are staying with my blog. Also, I have met kinds of commis ravens you must avoid from through the Internet. With my experience I know how to identify such ravens. If you want to hear. I’ll tell you how.

I’m always concerned about all the articles I write. And if any person have registered on a site through my ref links contained in my articles he/she will receive a complete or partial referral commission back from me. I’m really happy about where I am today. And I wish to know your ideas about what I write. you can contact me by commenting under my articles, filling out the contact form, via email or directly clicking of my Facebook profile. And you can get my free emails about my discoveries, new opportunities to earn money, phony Websites, and more. Subscribe to my email newsletters just now.

Thank You.